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African Lion
Quarry in Madagascar
Quarry in Namibia
Quarry in Namibia
African Ivory Granite
African Fantasy
African Tapestry
Mystery White Marble
Blue Sodalite Granite
Mystery White Marble


Africa is the 2nd largest continent on earth, and one could argue that the stones of Africa are as varied as the landscape itself. 

The natural resources of Africa are plentiful and have made a big impact on the world. Gold, Diamonds, Platinum, and Vanadium are some of the elite resources that Africa is known for.

It only seems natural that stone should be included in this list.

While some of the stones quarried in Africa such as Black Impala have a very homogeneous pattern, many of the stones are an illustration of the vast and ever-changing landscape of sand, wind, water, and trees. The inherent colors are a reflection of the landscape, while the natural designs in the stones begin to tell a story of the region throughout history.

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