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Stone Forest
Indiana Limestone Company
Silver Cloud Limestone
Limestone Sculpture
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Limestone Countertop
Dark Antique limestone. Photo Source: A-A-A Natural Stone.
Limestone Outdoor Kitchen
Limestone Slab
Segura Limestone
Dijon Farmhouse Limestone Tile
Limestone Tile Floors
St Aubin Limestone Kitchen
Limestone Fossil
Bordeaux French Limestone
Jerusalem White Honed Limestone
Silver Cloud Limestone
Limestone with Fossils
Jerusalem Grey Limestone


Limestone is a sedimentary rock formed by the cementing together of naturally accumulated rock fragments and organic sediments via a chemical process in shallow prehistoric marine environments. Limestone’s granular composition consists primarily of calcite. Limestone varies in degrees of hardness; the densest stones can be polished to a very high gloss finish. The most common colors are beige, gray, white, yellow and brown. As with marble, acid and acidic foods will etch the surface of the limestone. Proper care and maintenance require the use of only neutral soaps and detergents. Limestone is also a porous stone and requires preventative sealing with silicone-based impregnators. Limestone is quite durable, and with proper installation and maintenance, some types can perform extremely well, even in high traffic areas.

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