For centuries, Italy has produced some of the most breathtaking, classic and sustainable marbles of the world. Buildings, streets, cities and monuments throughout history and around the world have used, and continue to use marble to tell their story. The generations of Italian families that have worked in these quarries, cooked and baked in their marble kitchens and sculpted their marble statues are a testament to the resiliency of both the Italian Marble industry and their culture itself. Don’t be afraid of marble for function or design. Try to understand that like all materials, it has certain limitations. There are easy to apply sealers in the market today that allow us to embrace these limitations and enjoy the beauty and history of marble, while dissipating our fears. To learn more about easy to use sealers, consult your designer, fabricator, or any Natural Stone professional. Imagine..Design..Create it.. with Stone. #italianmarble #imaginerealstone #italianmarbles #usenaturalstone

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Marble countertops and backsplashes are a beautiful and luxurious addition to any home. Just a quick scan of pinterest will let you know that they are on trend and it's easy to see why. The subtle and unique color blends and interwoven veins are a compliment to both neutral and colorful cabinetry and flooring. However, the beauty of marble countertops comes with some vital maintenance on the part of the homeowner. Stephanie Vozza of, informs us on how to best care for marble countertops. Daily maintenance of protecting countertops with trivets, cutting boards and coasters is highly recommended, along with daily cleaning using a cleaner specifically made for marble. Annual maintenance of sealing is also a part of caring for your countertops. Find these tips and more HERE at where you can learn more. is a reliable resource for all things natural stone. Check them out! And enjoy your beautiful new marble countertops.

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