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Blue Bahia Granite
White Ice Granite
Black storm granite - Brazil
Black storm granite - Brazil
Black storm granite - Brazil
Viscount White Granite
Blue Flower Granite
African Ivory Granite
Netuno Bordeaux
Netuno Bordeaux Granite
Sienna Beige
Virginia Mist Granite


Granite, a massive, hard and durable  “igneous” rock, consisting mostly of feldspar, mica, and quartz, has been used as a common building material for thousands of years, due to its strength and durability.

Granite quarries, depending on their geographical location, produce a wide range of colors and movement that also allow granite to be a great option for interior decorating, function and design.

There is a lot of misinformation presented about the “high maintenance” of Granite. In fact, Granite is very low maintenance. Your Granite or any natural stone should be sealed when it is installed, and then re-seal as needed. Sealing is a very simple process, similar to using furniture polish on your wood. Since each granite is different, there is no set timeframe for re-sealing your granite. However, you can do a simple water test by dripping a few drops of water onto your countertop. If your granite absorbs the water, it’s time to re-seal. If the water sits beaded on the top, there is no need to re-seal. You can schedule this simple test seasonally, (maybe at the same time as your spring and fall maintenance checks). With routine maintenence of soap and water for daily cleaning, your granite should last a lifetime.

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