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Stones of the World

Take a trip around the world and see what stones are found in each country and region of the world. The stones of the world have a story to tell, and by incorporating stone in your home you're telling that story even as you re-live and memorialize the story of your own travels. 

Stone in Your Home

Get inspired! Here you can find galleries of photos of stone by room or home location. So whether you're working on a bathroom, kitchen or just want to browse how various stones can work as accents, find a blend of styles here in photos that are updated regularly. Also, read a bit on what types of stone might fit best in each location. 

Stone Types

Browse through photos and information on the various natural stone types. Granite, Marble, Quartzite, Travertine, Onyx, Limestone, Soapstone, Slate all have potential to make your home functional and beautiful for a long time. Explores the types of stone and where they might fit in your home. 


At Imagine Real Stone, we have currated a collection of videos that feature various aspects of the natural stone process. Here you can see the magnificent process of how the stone is quarried, learn from professionals about natural stone, why it's valuable in your home, and ways to choose it and maintain it, and more!


Get the latest in what's going on in the world of natural stone. Gain information get tips, fun facts and of course more photos for inspiration for your latest projects.

Next Step 

Interested in natural stone in your home? Have questions? Find out where to go here. 

Imagine Real Stone

aims to inspire an awareness of the beauty of natural stones throughout our world.



We are not "selling" a product. We simply invite you to explore and be inspired by the many varieties and colors of the natural stones that exist in this world. Imagine Real Stone is a platform to assist in promoting the natural stone options to inspire your designs for your next project.

Imagine Real Stone began as a mission to share our 25+ years of experience visiting natural stone quarries, communities, factories, and the people from around the world that work with the stone and feel a personal connection and appreciation for it. They work, with diligence and pride, to present these stones to the world. Imagine Real Stone is a platform to assist in promoting the natural stone experience.

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Do you have a favorite memory of a place you once traveled? Or do you dream of a place you have never been? Or are you fortunate enough to be in it here and now?​ Natural stone allows us to make a connection. Through history, through color, and through movement and time. Let the stone tell your story.

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